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    Organic & Natural
    Woodchuck Tree and Yard Services provides affordable, 100% organic lawn care to create natural, thriving lawns

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    Healthy, Vibrant Lawns
    A verdant landscape can be achieved without the use of pesticides

Have you been searching for an affordable, natural way to a vibrant landscape?


is a full service lawn care company based in Mt. Horeb, WI that has been providing the highest quality lawn care maintenance affordably for over ten years.

In the beginning Woodchuck worked with another organic lawn services company, later perfecting the application rate and timing along with accepted lawn care practices in mowing & watering. This leads to ASTOUNDING results and, a safe, healthy environment for your children, pets and Mother Nature's other critters that might call your patch of Earth home.


Our family has used Woodchuck for nearly 10 years. We couldn't be happier. We love Charlie's commitment to organic fertilizers, and the results have been fantastic. Best of all, though, is Charlie's commitment: he cares about our lawn as if it were his own. I would recommend Woodchuck to anyone.

Mr. Andrew J. Clarkowski

Our grass was yellow and bare...after fertilizer application by Woodchuck, it's lush, thick and green. Click here for pictures

Trent Nelson, Napa Auto Parts (Mt. Horeb)

Thick, lush lawns

The application of organic fertilizer leads to a lush, healthy lawn


Your lawn is an ecosystem

These flowers benefitted from the same fertilizer as the green grass of the lawn around them did

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