How do we restore a healthy lawn?

WOODCHUCK TREE & YARD SERVICE LLC specializes in transforming "the worst lawns in the neighborhood"

Sandy soils, weedy, abused and barren landscape bursts to life in 1-2 years, guaranteed! Woodchuck has routinely promised and delivered 'makeover' transformations after the 1st year and one of if not the best lawn in the neighborhood after the 2nd year of treatment.

A lush, healthy lawn
Lush Lawn

In some cases, fertilizer application and costs can be reduced as the products build up the soil and begin a healthy mini-ecosystem in your yard.(1)


Yearly Rate


Sq. Ft. Lawn Size
$200.00 5000 Very Small
$250.00 7000 Small
$300.00 9000 Medium
$350.00 12,000 Medium Large
$400.00+ 15,000 Estates/Large

(1) Depending on moisture, rain, sunlight and following standard (PBS) advice on lawn care.

(2) Taxes not included. Prices dependent upon amount of fertilizer and cost of product, which may vary slightly year to year.

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